Summer 2017

Summer  2017

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your children are enjoying the first few weeks of summer!  It’s pretty quiet around here without the students, but there is MUCH to do as we prepare for next year!

A tentative  2017-2018 school calendar is enclosed.  There may be some minor changes as we go through the school year, but I will always let you know well in advance.  We’ve scheduled a 4-day fall break and a 4-day winter break, which is the good news, but the bad news is that puts us finishing up the year on June 1.  Just letting you know as you look ahead to vacation planning!

Report cards will be available for pick up in the school office on Wednesday, June 14.  Pay special attention to the comments section on the report cards.  Tutoring may suggested, but also tutoring/summer school may be required in order for your child to return to Temple.   Please follow through with anything that is required, and make sure proof of the tutoring/summer school is made available prior to the first day of school, and that information must be turned in to the school office.  If you would like to find a tutor or summer school teacher for your child, please contact us!

Parents of returning students:  You purchased your child’s blue take-home folder for weekly correspondence.   If your child’s folder is still in good condition, by all means, use it again next year.  On the book order form, you will need to indicate that you have one already.  However, it you’d like to purchase a new one, the cost is $2.00. (New students will need to purchase those.)

Cell phone policy reminder for students:  Cell phones are prohibited in any part of the school building during the school day.  They may not be kept in lockers or in book bags, even if they are turned off.  The students may turn them in to their homeroom teachers for the duration of the school day.

We will maintain our current traffic flow / pickup and drop off procedures for the fall. Safety is our primary consideration, and that may trump convenience.    We have staggered our pick-up times to help alleviate some of the congestion, but those of you who have children in elementary as well as middle/high school will get hung up in traffic, so just be prepared for that.  Bring a book to read or something!  🙂   We DO ask that if you arrive in the back parking lot before 3:00, PLEASE PARK in a designated space.  MSHS does not dismiss until 3:18, which means they will NOT start coming out of the building until 3:25 or 3:30 – they go to their lockers, visit friends, etc., and traffic gets really backed up if you’re there to pick up your child at 3:00 and they don’t exit the building until 3:30.  My suggestion:  Have a pre-decided upon parking spot and let them come to YOU.

Here is some helpful information per grade level:

K3, K4, and K5 Students


We are trying our best to help parents with school costs.  Our tuition is kept to a minimum, and our uniform policy is one that isn’t extremely costly.  K3, K4, and K5 students are only required to have a red polo shirt that they wear for chapel (every Wednesday) and for field trips.  Other than that, there is no uniform policy for the K3/K4 program.   Students in K5 have a full uniform requirement.  The enclosed order form also includes TCS approved wear!!!  YAY!

Tennis shoes are recommended for all kindergarten students, even on chapel days.

We know you have many expenses when school begins (supplies, tuition, etc.) so we would like to encourage you to purchase your child’s red polo shirt in the summer.  Not only will that help with finances, but it will also guarantee that the shirts would be available for the first week of school. You don’t have to place your orders early, but just know that the option is available to you!  Shirts can be purchased through Land’s End or through High Peak Sportswear here in Lynchburg.

General Information

For parents who have children who may be new to our K3 and K4 program, we have some information just for you!  First, TCS is a “learning pre-school.”  We want you to know that up front.  Yes, the children will have a great deal of time for play and for fun,  but they will also be involved in the learning process which will include learning to sit (and stay) in their seats for short periods of time, obeying the teacher as the authority in the classroom, and following minimal age-appropriate classroom guidelines.

K3 students are expected to be fully bathroom trained.  Accidents happen, and we certainly understand that, but an “accident” several days a week for the first few weeks indicates that the student may not be ready for our program.   Again, I want to emphasize that we are a “learning pre-school,” not simply a daycare facility.

Every student K3-12 who has been accepted at TCS is on a 9-week period of adjustment.  Should we find that a child is not adjusting well to our program after that 9-week period, we will schedule a meeting with the teachers and parents to best see how to proceed.

K3, K4, and K5 materials fees must be paid prior to the first day of school.

The following paperwork must be turned in to the school office prior to the first day of school:  K5  students – K5 physicals;  K3, K4 students –  shot records and birth certificate.


Kindergarten (K3, K4, K5) will have open house on Monday evening, August 21, beginning at 5:00.   Feel free to go to your child’s classroom, meet the teachers, leave supplies, etc. so your child can be ready for that first day of school the next day!  Promptly at 5:30, we will have our kindergarten orientation meeting in the church auditorium.  It will be brief but VERY informative.  I strongly recommend that every family attend.  Their first day of school will be Tuesday, August 22.

Elementary, Middle, High School

Book/Supply List

Please find enclosed an updated supply list.  Book Order forms are going to be available through Renweb (Resource Documents Section), on the website, and in the school office. Hopefully this will help you plan for future costs.  If you will notice, all the “workbooks” have been combined for one price. This guarantees that your student will have necessary workbook supplies on the first day of school. We have found that this works best, as sometimes workbooks purchased on ebay or other internet sites have been partially completed, or have pages missing, etc!

Also, if you choose to purchase used textbooks, they MUST be the latest editions.  It is very confusing and time consuming in the classroom if the students cannot all be “on the same page!”  If you have questions about the updated editions, please contact the school office.

Please do not order student test/quiz books to keep at home and help your child study.  I don’t make this stuff up.  It HAS been done before.  Should it be discovered that test/quiz booklets are being used at home, your child’s continuance at TCS may be jeopardy.  Not kidding.

Dress Code Reminders

All pants, shorts, and skirts must be loose-fitting.  No skinny jeans/leggings/jeggings, etc., are permitted as uniform dress at TCS.  Students MAY wear cargo pants or bootcut-style pants.  If you have questions, it’s best to ask someone about it.  Please note:  Students will be written up, and sent home to change, or sent to the office until acceptable clothing can be brought for them.  Not kidding.  This goes into effect on day one.

All items on the enclosed order form are TCS approved uniform wear.  YAY!

Elementary Chapel Dress:  

Students may wear a red polo shirt (they have to have a red polo shirt for field trips) and khaki, navy, or black pants, shirts, shorts, skorts, jumpers, etc.  Also, tennis shoes may be worn on chapel days.  See the Handbook for details.

Middle/High School  Dress Code:

I want to remind the female students in middle/high school that while they are more than welcome to continue to wear camisoles under their polo shirts, the camisoles MAY NOT BE SEEN. In other words, the shirts need to stay buttoned up without the cami showing at the top.

NEW FOR 2017-2018:  ONLY TCS outerwear may be worn in class – this includes jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.   Only seniors have an exception to this rule and it is outlined in the handbook.

Orientation and Open House

Elementary Open House and Middle / High School Open House will both be held on Thursday evening, August 17.  Here is the schedule:

Elementary: Orientation – 5:00-5:50

Open House – 6:00-7:00

MSHS: Open House – 5:00 – 6:15

Orientation –  6:25 – 7:15

Elementary orientation meetings will be in the church auditorium.  Middle/High School orientation will be in the fellowship hall.  Please try to attend, as we will be going over new changes/policies for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as reviewing existing policies.  Students will be responsible for all policies beginning on the first day of school, which will be Monday, August 21.

As always, if you have any questions about our program here at Temple please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the office (434) 846-0024 Ext. 302.   We are so pleased that you have considered Temple Christian School for your child’s education, and we want to do our best to meet and even exceed your expectations!

New Handbooks will be printed in June and will be available in July.  They are recommended for ALL families as many of your questions can easily be answered there!

We’re looking forward to a great year ahead!!!!

Enjoy summer!!!

Mrs. Sweat

Parent Letter Summer 2017

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