Educating for Excellence

You are wise to consider a Christian school education for the special child in your life. In these turbulent times, few decisions are more important and far-reaching.

When we introduce our Christian school to someone new, we usually discuss everything from academics to athletics, classrooms to curriculum. But above all we strive to communicate the unique value of the education we have to offer.

What you’ll discover here is a disciplined yet loving environment in which every child receives personal attention. We see each student as a unique person created by God to live the fullest and most significant life possible. We are devoted to three priorities in our students’ lives: Expanding the Mind, Energizing the Heart and Enriching the Life.

Expanding The Mind.

A child’s mind holds tremendous power and potential, yet all its promise will not be unlocked unless there is teaching-comprehensive, compelling, creative teaching.

This is what we provide every school day as our dedicated teachers diligently ensure that true learning takes place. They make the classroom a place of discovery, a center of scholastically challenging energy.

Energizing The Heart.

Children are pliable, and their young hearts will be shaped either positively or negatively by the dominant influences in their lives. We are committed to shaping the lives of our students by inspiring them to express the qualities which matter most: honesty in word and deed, kindness toward others, respect for authority and trust in God. Central to our philosophy is the belief that a strong intellect alone is inadequate to face life’s demands. For a fruitful life, one must also have a strong heart.

Enriching The Life.

The environment in which a child learns best is one filled with joy, acceptance and Christ-like concern. That is why we are determined to provide a spiritually nurturing environment. We’re guided by the conviction that each student needs to learn, but also needs to be loved. At our school, this translates into thousands of activities and expressions: A word of encouragement for a job well done; a word of concern for a job not so well done; a phone call to cheer a sick student saying: “We miss you!”; a concerted effort to prevent anyone form feeling “left out.” It’s so very much, but at our school, it’s simply the way things are.

As you explore the possibilities for your child's future, we welcome your questions.

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