Victory In Court


(Taken from Issues in Education)

By: Stephanie Sweat, Principal


Christians know how to define morality.  It’s knowing right and doing right and avoiding doing wrong.  But secularists don’t know right from wrong.  In fact, they think the only thing that’s immoral is morality!  Dr. Robert Simonds (ThD., M.A. in History) says this foolishness has destroyed our  nation’s education.  He debated the ACLU on national television over the supposed “separation of church and state.”  He offered the ACLU attorney $1000 to show him where separation of church and state is found in the Constitution.  They couldn’t!

As a teacher, Dr. Simonds would begin each class with a scripture on the board.  The ACLU said it was against the law to put “Jesus died for your sins” on the overhead projector.  Dr. Simonds disagreed, so the ACLU took him to court three times.  The third time, it was for “converting” a student to Christ.  In court, Dr. Simonds asked, “What do you mean by conversion?”  The ACLU lawyers couldn’t define the legal meaning of the word conversion!  They gave up and asked HIM to define it.  For an hour Dr. Simonds preached the gospel to them.  He won the case!

Another time, Dr. Simonds challenged an NEA speaker who gave a scathing attack of Christian teachers.  The speaker flew into a rage, screaming at him to leave.  The crowd grew hostile toward Dr. Simonds, pressing in on him and throwing napkins at him (very mature, don’t you think?)  As the audience became more unruly, four huge men in white shirts began moving toward Dr. Simonds.  He thought they were going to escort him out of the seminar.  Instead, they turned their backs to him, faced the hostile audience, and protected Dr. Simonds.  The crowd settled and the men left. Dr. Simonds couldn’t find them……entertaining angels unaware, perhaps? If you stand up for God, He will do the rest!