America is in Trouble

Temple Christian School

America is in Trouble

By: Stephanie Sweat, Principal

When you examine the civilizations of ancient Rome and Greece, or more recently the Soviet Union, Red China, the British Empire, or fascist experiments such as those in Germany and Italy, the outcomes have all been the same.   Each of these nations staggered into a dramatic decline, because they lacked the moral and spiritual fortitude to right themselves.

What lessons can we in America learn from observing the demise of these countries?  Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Its people can’t hold a civil conversation on matters upon which they disagree, because they are over-possessive of their own values and beliefs but unyielding to others…sound familiar?
  1. Its public officials insist on positioning and posturing against their opponents who have competing ideas to the point of lying and manipulating.
  1. The public cannot agree on what constitutes goodness, morality, generosity, kindness, ethics, or beauty. They do not recognize absolute truth
  1. Much of the population loses respect for others, and refuses to grant them the measure of dignity that every human being innately deserves. Convenience and self-gratification take the place of compassion/respect for others.  (Abortion on demand?)

Do these descriptions strike fear in your heart?  They should.  It appears that these same attributes that led to the demise of other once great nations now describe twenty-first century America.  Such qualities are pushing the world’s greatest democracy to the precipice of self-annihilation.

We would do well to repent.